* Dekaron * uitleg wapens upgraden

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* Dekaron * uitleg wapens upgraden

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there are 3 things to make a weapon and/or armor stronger.

1) is by argates, which you goto a blacksmith in loa or braiken. you require coppers for weapon lvls 1 to 3. coppers kinda look like a bronze/goldish colour. silver argates are used for weapon lvls 4 to 6 but have a low chance of success. gold argate are required for ultimate weapon upgrade lvl 7 to 9, they look more yellow tbh and have a VERY low chance of success without talismans from cash shop. also, when you upgrade with argates, if you already have +1, +2 or +3 on the wep and you fail with copper, lvl decreses by one. for example, if you had +2 and tried to make +3 but failed, the lvl drops to +1. with silvers, if you fail on +4, +5 or +6, the wep or armor is reduced to 0.. if you attampt to make +7, +8 or +9 on a weapon or armor and fail, the wep or armor is destroyed and lost for good. you will also need a certain amount of dil for the upgrades the higher you go, the more you need.

2) make slots on a clean/magic/noble/divine noble weapon or armor. heres the jist of it. you ned to visit the alchemist if you wish to make slots on weapon or armor.

depending on your class and weapon of choice, you will be limited to a umber of slots allowed on a wep. since your summoner, twin blades have a maximum of 3 slots on the wep. if you are staff user the maximum slots on a staff is 4.

armor wise, only the helm and chest piece can have slots. with a maximum of 4 slots.

now, also depending on the weapon or armors lvl, will determin your chance of success, and how much you need to pay per slot. when making a slot, you will see a 2 digit number with % at the end. this is your chance of success. if you have some junky 1%, 2% and 3% attack or resist gems, click on those for an increase of 5% per gem. to a maximum of 25% increase of success. which can be handy in later lvls with higher lvl gear. magic, noble and divine noble have an increased reduction in success. as an example, lets say you you have a clean lvl 7 wep, and chance of success is 100%. ok no drama there. you put a magic lvl 7 in there instead, and find the chance of success is only 85%.. ok not a problem slap 3 gems in you sorted right ? yes. now put a lvl 7 noble and the chance of
success has dropped to 55% and then to divine noble the chance is down to 35%... you follow. the better you put in and the higher you go chances decrease heavy. remember, you can do a maximum of 5 gems per slot. so if you want 3 (or 4) slots with better chances, make sure you have enough gems. youl need 15 gems for 3 slots, 20 gems for 4 slots. and if you fail...bleh unlucky, means more gems and a bigger price

also, if you fail to make a slot on a weapon or armor with at least one slot, you will lose a slot. if you had 3 slots on a staff or armor, you will end up with 2 slots if you fail. you can also remove gems with the alchemist, but costs 100k per stone removal, and also, if you fail on that, you lose a slot and any gem in that slot.

AND last but not least,

3) another method is by putting gems, into any slots you make or already on the weapon or armor. attack gems/crystals and pyramids are put on weapons as are rhombuses. defence beads/crystals and medials are for armor and shields(ak class) basically, if you want to put gems on a weapon or armor, you need to have the item in your inventory, and gems also in your inventory (or direct from storage) and just click, drag and drop onto the wep or armor. costs nothing to put gems in yourself.

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