=BD= BF2 open Fighter Tournament Coming up!!!!

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=BD= BF2 open Fighter Tournament Coming up!!!!

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Hello all

=BD= is organizing an open jet competition 2 vs 2..

We are currently setting up the rules/maps/planes .

Winner is the one with most kills after 20 minutes and will proceed to the next round.

So if you feel up to it take a look at our site and write in your team(s),and happy hunting!!


Please also put your site in our top 50.

www.bd-hq.nl/TOPo/ index.php many thanks in advance!

=BD= has quickly grown to have about 80 members worldwide and the squad continues to develop its online gaming community

The Clan has a 50 player BHD dedicated sniper server, a 50 player BF2 ranked server, and since January 2007 a 50 player BF2142 ranked server.
All sections also have a training/match server.

We are open to fun matches and wars.

The Clan meets twice a year to eat, drink and enjoy each others company in real life.

The heart of =BD= is that we are a family, worldwide and growing.
We intend to carry on having fun and to follow all the new games in the future.

We hope you enjoy our servers, website and all we have to offer.

Greetz =BD= Kloef
p.r officer